No septic tank or treatment plant lasts forever. Tree roots or shifting ground can cause damage to brickwork and pipework over time, so, it’s worth getting us to do a check. Our team can carry out a detailed inspection using CCTV to ensure that soakaways, drains, electrics and brickwork are all in good order.

An old septic tank with the lid off
If you have bought a property with an old septic tank, you should get it emptied as soon as possible. We can also inspect and advise on its condition.
A tree root growing round and crushing a pipe
Growing tree roots are just one of the reasons your septic tank or treatment plant may stop working. We can repair the damage, or install a completely new and more efficient system.

Quality repairs

If repairs are needed, we can fit any pumps, motors, blowers, lids, manhole covers or alarms that need replacing. Our engineers are trained and experienced and use only tried and tested brands we know won’t let you down. As these repairs may be covered by your house insurance, you should check your policy. We can provide a written report identifying those areas that need putting right, which you can give to your insurers.

Just bought a property with a septic tank?

If you’ve bought a property with a septic tank or treatment plant, then you should make emptying it a top priority, as you can never be sure when this was last done. If the property is old or has been neglected, then you may need to replace the septic tank or treatment plant altogether. If you do, we can advise on the best specification and do all the necessary groundworks and installation.

Book an inspection

To get your septic tank or treatment plant checked or emptied, just call us on 01432 353888, email to arrange a suitable time.