Where do you operate?

We offer a septic tank cleaning service right across Herefordshire and into parts of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire and Powys. That means if you live in Hereford, Ledbury, Kington, Leominster, Ross, Monmouth and Gloucester and the villages around them, we can help.

Why do people choose Aquassist’s septic tank cleaning service?

Because we’re specialists in emptying and installing septic tanks and treatment plants. As a family-owned business, we offer a personal, professional and reliable service our customers appreciate.

I live in a really rural area along a narrow lane, can your tankers still reach me?

We know that parts of Herefordshire and Monmouthshire are particularly rural, which is why we specifically use compact tankers that can get to places larger tankers just can’t reach. That means we offer a complete septic tank cleaning service even if you are a bit out of the way.

My septic tank is right at the bottom of the garden, well away from the road, can you still empty that?

Our tankers are equipped with extra-long hoses so they can empty even difficult to reach septic tanks and treatment plants. But if you have a particular concern, just call us on 01432 353888.

Can anyone empty septic tanks?

No. Only those who are registered waste carriers can do this. Aquassist is a registered waste carrier, which means you can be sure that when we take waste away from your septic tank it will be properly treated and disposed of.

Do you just empty septic tanks or can you repair them?

As well as offering a septic tank cleaning service, we also do repairs. So, we can fit any pumps, motors, blowers, lids, manhole covers or alarms that need replacing. Our engineers are well trained and we use only reliable brands we know won’t let you down. These repairs could be covered under your house insurance policy so worth checking. We can give you a written report for you to give your insurers.

One way to avoid potential problems with septic tanks and treatment plants is to have them regularly serviced by our team of experienced engineers. Just call us on 01432 353888 and we can arrange a convenient time to give your system the ‘once over’.

What about emptying septic tanks at restaurants and commercial premises?

We offer both a residential and a commercial septic tank cleaning service whether you just need an emergency one-off emptying or want to schedule visits to ensure you’re never caught out by a septic tank problem. So, if you have a pub, restaurant or some other business give us a call on 01432 353888 to talk through your options.

I’ve just moved into a cottage with a septic tank. What should I do?

If you’ve bought a property with a septic tank or treatment plant, then you should make emptying it a top priority as you can never be sure when this was last done. That may already have been done. If you’re selling or buying a property with a septic tank or sewage treatment plant, we can carry out a structural inspection to identify potential problems and then repair or replace pumps, blowers and pipework if that’s required.

Can you replace an old septic tank?

Septic tanks and treatment plants have a limited lifespan as tree roots and shifting ground can damage their brickwork and drainage pipes. Even if you don’t think there’s anything wrong right now, it’s worth getting us to check your septic tank from time to time. Our team can carry out a detailed inspection using CCTV to ensure soakaways, drains, electrics and brickwork are all in good order. We can also install a new septic tank or sewage treatment plant that will meet all building regulations and any Environment Agency requirements for the disposal of liquid waste and sewage.

How do I know if I’ve a problem with my septic tank?

You can see some of the tell-tale signs that say you may have a problem with your septic tank. If you suspect you have a problem then call us on 01432 353888. We can then advise you on the best solution. If you do need to fit a new septic tank or treatment plant, we can carry out all the ground works and installation.

How often should I have my septic tank emptied?

The Government’s general binding rules issued in 2015 state that you should empty your septic tank or treatment plant at least once a year. If your water table is high, you should empty it more frequently. After 2020, if you live in what the Environment Agency determines is a ‘sensitive area’ then they will expect you keep a record of having your septic tank cleared.

Why am I having to have my septic tank emptied more often than I used to?

People used to go years without emptying their septic tanks. But now we fill them up much faster with water from baths, washing machines and dishwashers. The soaps, bleaches, detergents and cleaners we use also stop the bacteria that eat sewage from doing its job so solids and sludges build up because they’re not being broken down. These can cause blockages, which is why you need to clean out your septic tank more often than before.

How do I book an appointment with Aquassist?

if you want to use any of our septic tank cleaning service, then just call us on 01432 353888, or email book@aquassist.co.uk